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The Charnel House #1
The cover
Price:    $7.95
Publisher:    80c Comics Official Website Offsite
Comic Books (SP) | B/W Cover; B/W Interior | 52 pages

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Written by: Rebekah Cleveland
Art by: Adam Cleveland

In this double-sized first issue, Doctor Graves guides us through four impossibly chilling tales of woe and dispair. First in Out of the Woods at a quaint nineteenth century English pub, a traveler learns of the local legend haunting a nearby forest. Will the traveler learn the truth or become part of the legend? Next in A Chance Find during the tumultuous times of Napoleonic France, two body thieves stumble across one floating in the river Seine. Then in Saint James, a drifter comes to town in this story set in the American Old West. Although he's searching for his partner, he finds more than he bargained. In the last tale The Vandal King, the Roman Empire is under siege by a massive army. What can an emperor do to save his people?

About the book: The bizarre and strange are commonplace within the walls of the Museum of Medical Curiosities known as the Charnel House. For you see, its exhibits are the physical remains of the deceased. Acting as curator and tour guide, Dr. Graves has a rare talent of knowing each resident's last story. If your nerves can bare it, Graves would gladly spin a yarn or two.

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